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Pecan Creek Grille Breakfast:

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Pecan Creek Grille
1510 Eldridge Pkwy at Briar Forest
Houston, Texas 77077

Do you ever feel like pancakes at 1 o’clock in the afternoon? Well if you do, Pecan Creek Grill is the place for you. Breakfast is served all day.  They have all the traditional breakfast foods like pancakes, French toast, sausage,
bacon and eggs, plus lunch items like meatloaf, chicken fried steak and enchiladas.  Located in Houston’s Energy Corridor, the restaurant is owned by Stacey and Brock Silverstein, former employees of the Buffalo Grille. But you have to get there early because they close at 2 pm, seven days a week.

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First Look at Pecan Creek Grille

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Brock and Stacey Silverstein know their stuff when it comes to breakfast. The Silversteins are ten-year veterans of the Buffalo Grille, one of Houston’s most enduringly popular breakfast destinations, but also one that’s a bit of a drive for anyone outside the Loop. And for those outside the Beltway? Forget about driving to West U for breakfast.

Enter Pecan Creek Grille, the Silversteins’ new restaurant on Eldridge, just south of the Katy Freeway and smack in the middle of the Energy Corridor. It serves breakfast all day long — including those platter-size pancakes — until it closes each day at 2 p.m. And although it also serves lunch, too, it was breakfast at Pecan Creek Grille that I was after last weekend.

Pecan Creek Grille 001.jpg

Sitting in an endcap of a large strip center that mainly houses a Kroger, Pecan Creek Grille is an unfussy, no-nonsense sort of place that reminds me of a spiffed up Cliff’s inside with just a touch more “country charm,” or whatever you call barn doors used as decor. It’s cute, even if it’s not my taste.

The cheerful young girl in a red headband at the register seemed genuinely excited to greet each customer as they came in. When I told her how nice the place looked, she gushed back, “You should have seen it when I worked here before. It was awful then. It’s so much better now.” Pecan Creek used to be a pizza place. You can’t tell at all anymore.

I ordered the Texan ($7.49) from the list of “breakfast entrees,” a menu designation I found myself liking in spite of myself. It came with two scrambled eggs filled with bacon and cheese, a cup of jalapeño-cheese grits and a biscuit with gravy — everything you’d want on one plate. Minus pancakes, of course. My friend and I ordered those as dessert.

I was sad to taste the grits and find they’d been cooked without any salt, a constant — and I mean constant — complaint at pretty much every restaurant in town. Folks seem quite able to get shrimp and grits right (witness Brennan’s or Zelko Bistro), but never just plain old breakfast grits. Even the fancy kind with white cheddar and jalapeños. Please, just salt the damn things while they’re cooking down. It’s easy.

Pecan Creek Grille 008.jpg
The breakfast sandwich.

The rest of the breakfast fared much better, however, with a nicely fluffy biscuit that soaked up all of the rich white gravy and burly hunks of bacon stacked inside my scrambled eggs. My friend’s breakfast sandwich ($7.49) was fine stuff, too: a buttery challah bun with a thick slice of country ham under a creamy, spiky serrano-cilantro mayonnaise that made the cheese and eggs inside seem obsolete. An ample pile of skin-on hashbrowns rounded his meal out quite nicely.

I was surprised to find the place half empty when we were there around prime-time, about 11 a.m. Perhaps it’s because it’s still new, or perhaps people are eating “real” breakfast earlier in the day. Or maybe they’re coming for Pecan Creek Grille’s specials during the week: $6.99 lunch specials and $1.49 breakfast tacos in the mornings.

Either way, I expect Pecan Creek to catch on soon and see a healthy breakfast crowd, whether at 11 a.m. or when it first opens at 8 a.m. on the weekends.

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If the Buffalo Grille Had Migrated West

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Brock Silverstein tells the HBJ‘s Allison Wollam the strip-center endcap on the northwest corner of Briar Forest and Eldridge Parkway where he and his wife Stacey just opened the Pecan Creek Grille is one of the locations he had investigated a year and a half ago as a possible new home for the then-ready-to-roam Buffalo Grille. Fans of that West U breakfast joint, where the Silversteins worked for 10 years, may find this new lunch spot in the Energy Corridor a little familiar, in a way-out-west kind of way: Pecan Creek has an outdoor patio and serves “diner-style” food, Tex-Mex standards, and breakfast all day.


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Pecan Creek Grille is open for business

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Pecan Creek Grille is Open for Business

Pecan Creek Grille is Open for BusinessThe Energy Corridor can add another restaurant to our impressive list – Pecan Creek Grille.  The diner-style restaurant, located at the corner of Briar Forest Drive and Eldridge Parkway, offers an extensive breakfast menu ranging from flavorful breakfast tacos and fluffy pancakes to classic bacon and eggs, all of which are available all day.  Pecan Creek Grille is also open for lunch.   Whether you are craving fried catfish, sweet potato fries or even enchiladas, Pecan Creek Grille has delectable entrees to fulfill your taste buds.

Additionally, Pecan Creek Grille offers a private dining area, The Barn, which can accommodate a group of 20-30.  And, if you are hosting an early morning or lunch meeting, the restaurant offers catering.  Pecan Creek Grille is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information on Pecan Creek Grille, visit

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Pecan Creek Grille opens and other Houston restaurant news

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King Ranch casserole at Pecan Creek Grille.: Syd Kearney : 29-95

King Ranch casserole at Pecan Creek Grille.: Syd Kearney : 29-95
Former Buffalo Grille general manager of Brock Silverstein and his wife, Stacy, have opened Pecan Creek Grille on Eldridge Parkway in the Energy Corridor. Not surprisingly their casual counter-service cafe is breakfast and lunch enterprise.
Breakfast, which is served all day, includes tacos, omelets, waffles and pancakes. Lunch offerings range from sandwiches and burgers to daily specials such a King Ranch casserole and chicken fried steak
Hours are 7 a.m.-2 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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